Call for Papers: 8th International Nitrogen Initiative Conference

"INI 2020 would like to invite leading researchers, graduates and scientists working in the broad field of reactive nitrogen compounds and their linkages to humans and the environment to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentations." (Quelle: ini2020.com)

INI 2020

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1. Nutrition and lifestyles

  • Nitrogen-related global inequalities of the food system
  • Responsible consumption and production and feedbacks in the N cycle

2. Agriculture and food

  • Livestock production and nitrogen
  • Optimizing the efficiency of nitrogen use in crop production

3. Ensure health, clean water, air and cities

  • Nitrogen air pollution affects human health
  • Reduction of nitrogen in wastewater to ensure clean water and sanitation

4. Combat threats for biodiversity

  • Threats for terrestrial biodiversity; understanding of nutrient cycles and biosphere-atmosphere interaction
  • Threats for aquatic biodiversity by nitrogen flows – understanding of nutrient cycles

5. Observing global challenges, fluxes and interactions between different drivers and pressures

  • How nitrogen influences our climate
  • Global assessments of the biogeochemical nitrogen cycle: Observation and modeling

6. Closing the N cycle: Innovations for sustainable N management

  • Closing the N cycle: Innovations for sustainable N management

7. Integrated science and policy approaches – Socila and public awareness

  • Integrated approaches: From science to policy
  • Educational aspects, public awareness, risk communication

8. Special and opening and concluding sessions

  • Review of progress in policy development in the nine years since the launch of the European Nitrogen Assessment
  • Nitrogen and the UN Sustainable Development Goals


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