Food System Change

Online Congress

22-24 March 2021

Meet our 40 experts!

We are on the last meters to the congress and we have a full program ahead of us.

CC0 by Myriams-Fotos on pixabay.com

Thanks to the engagement of so many pioneers across Europe we are happy to announce that we will have 40 speakers and panelists presenting their important contribution to the transformation of our food system. Coming from Romania, Greece, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, UK, Estonia, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland and Germany, we will have the chance to ask a whole lot of questions to these pioneers in order to learn about their diverse projects and experiences across Europe. 

In order to extend our reach also beyond the congress, we  want to finish with a clear and short closing declaration, that summarizes our demands to policymakers at EU, national and municipal level. Come and discuss with us the political actions we want to see in order to support this urgently necessary change. Last but not least, we will be given the chance to enjoy a short theatre performance by Gardenplayers!