Collectmet fights against food waste and for healthy food for everyone. With volunteers, we collect the unsold fruits and vegetables from the market and we share them with the people in need.

Team Collectmet

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Wer, was und wann

Collectmet exists since 2015. Contributors are lot of volunteers.  Abattoir is the owner of the palce.

Hintergrund und Ziele

Collectmet shares each sunday unsold fruit and vegetables from the market. Collectmet reduces the waste of food. Collectmet helps the people who are hungry, while it fights for the right of healthy food for everyone.

Collectmet doesn't give, but shares. The key words are trust and emancipation. During the workshop, volunteers and participants make food together. Everyone can learn or share new recipes and learn more about new fruits and vegetables. Healthy food and a healthy kitchen form an entity to live a qualitatively better life. Collectmet is ecological. 'Foodwaste' still exists on the market, and the combat is very crucial. Collectmet sensibilises the merchants and the marketers. Collectmet is accessible. Each sunday, any help is welcome.

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Organisation: Cultureghem VZW

Name der Ansprechperson: Victoria De Brabandere

Website: https://www.cultureghem.be/en/collectmet

Adresse: Rue ropsy chaudron 24, Anderlecht, Belgium

E-mail: victoria(at)cultureghem.be


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